Hygiene Measures and Protection Actions for Covid-19

Safe & Carefree Holidays

We would like to inform you that in our hotel we have taken all the necessary measures in order to offer you safe and carefree holidays.

Based on the instructions announced by the Greek authorities, we implement all strict health protocols for the operation of all tourism accommodation establishments. We are monitoring all recent developments for Covid-19 and we are updating all the hygiene and safety protocols set by the National and World Health Organization.

Our goal is to ensure you have a pleasant stay in a safe environment, so you can enjoy your holidays in calm and carefreeness.

Disinfection Everywhere. Avoidance of Overcrowding. Protection of All.

Health Protocols for Tourism Businesses

Below, you can see in detail all the hygiene measures and protection actions that we apply from the moment of your arrival and for the whole duration of your stay at our hotel, so that you feel and be safe:


  • Reception in Outdoor Space

    [Avoidance of overcrowding] In case of a group arrival or to avoid overcrowding in the reception area, we welcome you at our beautiful green garden.

  • Check-in by Phone

    [Avoidance of overcrowding] If you wish you can do the Check-in by phone and we will guide you directly to your room.

  • Disinfection of Reception Area

    [Disinfection Everywhere] The cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces of the reception area is enhanced and intensified.

  • Protective Shield

    [Protection of All] We have enhanced the protection measures at the reception by installing a protective plexiglass, so that there is no direct contact with our staff.

  • Safe Distance Marking

    [Avoidance of overcrowding] We have placed specific distance signs so that everyone maintains the required safety distance during their visit to the reception.

  • Extended Check-in & Check-out

    [Disinfection Everywhere] We have extended the duration between Check-in and Check-out times, so that there is plenty of time for deep disinfection and adequate natural ventilation of the room:

    • Check-in: 15:00
    • Check-out: 11:00
  • Room Key Disinfection

    [Disinfection Everywhere] Your room key is thoroughly disinfected with special disinfectant liquids, before we deliver it to you.

  • Temperature Screening

    [Protection of All] We do optional temperature screening to our visitors as well as our staff so that we can all feel and be safe.

  • Provisions of Masks

    [Protection of All] We can provide you with a disposable mask, if you need one.

  • Hand Sanitizers

    [Disinfection Everywhere] There is a suitable hand sanitizer, so that all visitors, upon arrival, disinfect their hands before heading to their room.

  • Staff Masks & Gloves

    [Protection of All] All members of the reception staff, as all the staff in the hotel, always wear single-use masks and gloves.

  • Personnel Training

    [Protection of All] All personnel have received special training in order to learn and comply with the new precautionary measures, to observe hygiene, safety distances and in general all health protocols concerning COVID-19.


  • Deep Room Disinfection

    [Disinfection Everywhere] We thoroughly disinfect the rooms with the professional steam cleaner Kärcher, which has a high cleaning performance and intensive cleaning action. Powerful steam, combined with high temperatures (> 70°), strong nozzles and warm cleaning cloths ensure maximum disinfection and hygiene.

    Particular attention is given and an even more meticulous disinfection is done to the following high-touch areas in the rooms:

    All towels and sheets are thoroughly washed and disinfected at high temperatures (> 70°) and a special hygiene protocol is followed for their transportation to the room.

    Furthermore, after the departure of each guest, the room is naturally ventilated for a sufficient duration of time.

    All cleaning staff use masks and gloves while working. They have been specially trained and they comply with all hygiene and cleanliness protocols.

  • Appropriate Room Rearrangements

    [Protection of All] In order to better protect our guests and to eliminate any possible sources of spreading the virus, we made the following rearrangements in all rooms:

    • We removed all decorative items
    • We removed all commonly used items such as menus, magazines etc and
    • We put disposable covers on the TV and air conditioner controls
  • Air Conditioning Filters Disinfection

    [Disinfection Everywhere] We disinfect the filters of all air conditioning units with special disinfectant liquids. In this way, we make sure there is a continuous supply of clean and healthy air in all rooms.

  • Hand Sanitizers

    [Disinfection Everywhere] In all common areas, on each floor of the hotel building, there are suitable hand sanitizers for the personal hygiene of all our guests.

  • Enhanced Room Service

    [Avoidance of overcrowding] Enjoy the comfort of your room and order anything you like from the entire range of dishes and drinks that we have in our restaurant.

    You can see the menu in detail on our website or via QR code from your mobile phone.

  • Optional Cleaning & Change of Sheets

    [Avoidance of overcrowding] For your own safety and in order to maintain minimum contact with the staff, room cleaning and sheet changing will not be done every 3 days as per usual.

    Please, let the reception know if you still want us to clean your room and change the sheets every 3 days.

Information for Covid-19 - National Public Health Organization


  • Morning Buffet

    [Protection of All] Breakfast buffet delicacies preserve their delicious taste, but the way breakfast is served is adapted to the new health protocols. You can choose exactly what you want and the Chef prepares your dish that we serve you.

  • Safety Distances Between Tables

    [Avoidance of overcrowding] We have rearranged the tables at the restaurant in order to comply with the new required safety distances between them, according to the Greek legislation:

    • 1,70 meters between the tables
    • 0,70 meters between the tables from the side where there are no seat
  • Maximum Number of People per Table

    [Avoidance of overcrowding] The maximum number of people allowed in each table is 6 persons. Minor children are an exception.

  • Table Disinfection

    [Disinfection Everywhere] The tables and chairs are thoroughly disinfected by our restaurant staff before being made available to another guest.

  • Online Food & Beverage Menu

    [Protection of All] For your own safety and in an effort to avoid physical contact with the restaurant's printed menu, you can see our full detailed menu, online, on our website or via QR code from your mobile phone.

    Alternatively, our staff is always at your disposal to help and inform you of all available dishes.

  • Hand Sanitizers

    [Disinfection Everywhere] Suitable hand sanitizers have been placed in prominent places throughout the restaurant. Furthermore, you can, at any time, ask our restaurant staff to provide you with hand sanitizers or antiseptic wipes.

  • Personnel Masks

    [Protection of All] All members of the restaurant staff wear single-use masks, constantly wash and disinfect their hands and always follow all hygiene and safety protocols.

  • Disinfection of All Equipment

    [Disinfection Everywhere] All restaurant equipment (cooking utensils, cutlery, dishes, etc.) is washed and disinfected at high temperatures according to strict health protocols.

  • Strengthening Health Measures in the Kitchen

    [Disinfection Everywhere] Adherence to all hygiene measures in the kitchen has always been our duty. The Chef and all the kitchen staff are trained to apply, even more meticulously and intensively, all the general and new hygiene rules.

Health Protocols for Tourism Businesses


  • Safety Distances Between Sunbed Sets

    [Avoidance of overcrowding] We have rearranged the sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach in order to comply with the new required safety distances between them, according to the Greek legislation:

    • 4 meters between each sunbed set
  • Maximum Number of People per Sunbed set

    [Avoidance of overcrowding] The maximum number of people allowed in each set (umbrella & 2 sunbeds) is 2 people. Minor children are an exception.

  • Sunbed Disinfection

    [Disinfection Everywhere] The sunbeds are disinfected with special disinfectant liquids after a guest leaves and before being made available to another guest.

    Also, if you want, we can provide you with a special disposable sunbed cover (with extra charge).

Disinfection Everywhere. Avoidance of overcrowding. Protection of All. Safe & Carefree Holidays!

We, all members of Alkioni by the sea, showing responsibility and consistency, we consider the health and safety of our guests our number one priority.

Relax and enjoy your holidays!

The Alkioni Group by the Sea